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I'm done with Spiritual "seasons".

Winding road in Fall season.
Lately, I've been listening to Britt Merrick from Reality Church in Santa Barbara California. His sermons are helping me refocus my entire life on the Spirit's leading at whatever the cost. A friend Venessa who is working with Surfing the Nations in South East Asia introduced me to him. I'm a child in Spiritual direction, and by no means me living in another Continue reading this

Poem: Covering Waves

It's night on the beach. I can nearly hear the moon. So quiet my thoughts are drowned. Feeling sand hug tight to my toes. Particles floated onward from Tahiti, or maybe France. Someone else's toes on this sand before mine. Someone else's thoughts. I hear the moon speak. "My thoughts." I don't understand. The moon is covered now. From elsewhere I hear: "For you Continue reading this

Battles: Fighting in the Unseen

Gandalf & Glamdring
The unseen cannot be quantified. This is one my favorite attributes of the Kingdom of God. Deeper than any philosophical thought, wider than cultural divisions, more wonderful than moving to a new country. Yet, the unseen is ignored. Sometimes out of an enigma of mystery, boredom, or because we are wrapped too tightly in bed with what is visible. Our nature as Continue reading this

Mapping it out. Goodbye, God.

A cartographer at work.
Life over God is a bad shot at faith we live out from birth as imperfect humans. We live it now, and we live it in the core of our flesh. We carry it with us like a hidden scar, yet proud and flaunted for all to see. Life over God is forgetting Him like a commodity, yet knowing of Him and having experienced Him. What's on the table here is a vast separation Continue reading this